All monthly club meeting are the first Thursday of every month

   Time: 7:30 PM
    Sturbridge Host Hotel
    Seminar Room 1
    Sturbridge, MA

All Members are invited to attend

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

2020 Minutes:

January     February      March      April      May       June      July      August        September       October       November        December 

2019 Minutes:

January     February     March     April     May      June      July      August       September      October      November      December

2018 Minutes:

January     February     March     April     May      June      July      August       September      October      November      December

2017 Minutes:

January    February    March    April     May     June     July     August     September     October     November      December

2016 Minutes:

January    February    March    April    May    June    July    August    September    October    November     December  

 2015 Minutes:

January    February    March    April    May     June   July    August    September    October    November    December   

2014 Minutes:

January    February    March    April    May     June   July    August    September    October    November    December    

2013 Minutes: 

January    February    March    April    May    June    July    August    September    October    November    December    


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