MCCNE Members Rides 

If you are a MCCNE member and would like you car featured on this page, email  with a picture of your car, your name and year of the car.

Paul Breault

1965 FastBack

Arnold Holland 

1969 GT


Robert Grahn

1994 GT Convertible

Jennifer Musa

2005 GT Convertible

Diane Reizovic

2007 GT/CS Convertible

Albert Cincotta 

2016 GT

 Jimmy Mirras

2007 Mustang GT premium

 Jimmy Mirras

2013 Shelby GT500


 Michael Quinn

 2007 GT Premium convertible

Mark Morello  

1966 Convertible

Roger Helou

2010 Shelby GT500



Bill Watkins

2011 Mustang GT


James Burke

2008 Mustang GT/CS


 Nick Marchetti

2015 GT

Andrew Resek

1994 GT 

James Thomas

1999 Black GT Convertible 35th Anniversary

Kirsten Quinn

2013 BOSS 302 

 Scott Yonan

2009 Mustang GT


John Loughran

1967 convertible


Emidio DiVirgilio

2006 GT Convertible

Paul Breault

2014 GT/CS

Michelle Grahn

2012 MCA Edition


Gary V. DeSantis

 1999 Mustang Coupe


Roger Reizovic

2009 45th Anniversary Glass Roof

 Nick Barnes

2009 45th Anniversary Edition


Ted Carlman

1967 Convertible

 Clem Brown

 2008 Bullitt


Ronald Ayotte 

2016 GT

Matt Kunesch

1966 Fastback

Matt Kunesch

2012 GT/CS

Kevin Miller

2008 Cragar Special Edition


Jonathan Woodward

2003 Mustang Mach 1


Donna Brisebois 

1965 Mustang

Eric Lorson


Kevin Ori

2003 10th Anniversary SVT Cobra Convertible (Terminator)

Joe Dinella

1969 Mustang Mach 1 

Joe Dinella

2003 Mustang Coupe 

Joe Dinella

2004 Mustang GT 

Bob Wahl

2017 Mustang GT Premium

Buddy Wright

2017 Mustang

Paul Groppi

2002 GT Premium

Iyman Musa

1972 Convertible 

Robert Collari

2003 GT Convertible 

George Valeri

2012 Daytona Pace car 

Fil Ferrauto

1964 1/2 Indianapolis Pace Car 

Manny Gomes 

2006 GT Premium

Ben Dansereau

2004 40th Anniversary Edition GT


Christopher Stanish

2002 Saleen S281  


Christopher Stanish

1999 35th Anniversary Edition

Gary Sanchez

1970 Mach 1

 Gary Sanchez

2001 Saleen S281S

John Testa

2010 GT 

 Danny Norton

2010 Mustang GT

Jonathan Woodward

1999  GT Convertible

 Kathy Morrow

2012 V6

Rick Smith

1984 GT Convertible

 Scott Yonan

2009 Mustang GT

 Brian Salois

2006 Mustang Gt

Brian Spafford

1997 Cobra coup√© 


Ariel Gonzalez

1988 GT H\B

Paul Nerey

2009 GT/CS

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